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John David Nichols

Neuro Fitness Foundation
Feburary 23, 1965 - August 3, 201
Since its inception, NFF has gone through many changes, but our mission has remained the same.

In 1998 founder John Nichols, who was paralyzed in a 1988 water skiing accident, saw his dream become a reality.  During the 10 years prior to the formation of NFF, John consistently studied and researched exercise equipment that could be used to benefit and maximize the potential of the physically challenged. It was through these experiences that the first ideas of NFF began to form. With this knowledge and a passion to help others with similar challenges, Nichols and his family created a makeshift workout facility in the garage of their Colleyville home.  Then, with the support and collaboration of other neurologically impaired individuals and their families, NFF received its 501(c)(3) status and NFF was born.

From its “mom and pop” beginnings
, NFF relocated briefly to a strip mall in south Bedford in April 1999. In July, Mike Janszen, physical therapist and then-owner of the HEB Harris Methodist  Physical Rehabilitation building in Euless, generously donated space to NFF where it enjoyed ten years of growth, serving over 300 clients, free of charge, until 2009.
Like many other nonprofit organizations, NFF began to feel the effects of a bad economy, and in July of 2009, we had to close down temporarily. After a reorganization of our Board of Directors, a successful fundraiser, and a renewed commitment to reopen our doors, NFF moved to our current facility. After hundreds of volunteer hours to renovate our new home, we proudly opened again in September of the same year.
While it is a continual challenge to raise the funds necessary to offer our one-of-a-kind services to the community, we remain committed to obtaining the finances we need through fundraising, individual and cooperate donations and grants.

The NFF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity that provides many different types of specialized exercise equipment for strength and cardiovascular training.
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